In 2018, my friend and I began an effort to revolutionize how customers purchase and consume fresh produce, the healthiest but fastest food item to expire in America's households. We believe that purchasing only what you need when you need it will contribute to eliminating food waste; supporting sustainable production and consumption patterns within our communities; strengthening our economies and natural ecosystems; and reducing costly applications of labor & agricultural inputs that ultimately get wasted on naturally grown products never to be consumed.

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Mission, vision, & values

In home kitchens, fruits and vegetables get wasted the most (52 percent) because they’re perishable and “are not the most convenient foods to cook,” Berkenkamp says. We also toss half of all seafood, and close to 40 percent of grain products. When it comes to meat and dairy products, we are a little more careful, wasting about 20 percent of each. To put this in perspective, it’s enough food to feed 25 million Americans, according to a 2012 NRDC issue paper — or the entire population of Texas.
— Gretchen McKay, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette