What is X-Urb?


The X-Urb brand name is derived from the term "exurb" which Merriam-Webster define as: "a region or settlement that lies outside a city and usually beyond its suburbs and that often is inhabited chiefly by well-to-do families."


The history of X-Urb's brand name provides a context to X-Urb's approach with creating adaptive services designed to perform within different geographic regions through information-sharing and an interactive mapping system. The ability to create sustainable value and impact for households and communities throughout all regions is X-Urb's ultimate goal.


So, why X-Urb?

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consumer needs

Consumer needs differ significantly in households throughout America's cities, suburbs, and exurbs. All three regions have their own unique challenges with how businesses and customers ultimately interact for transactions of consumable goods. X-Urb is tailored to create opportunities out of these challenges and is designed as a market-making, information-sharing, highly customizable smartphone application that is adaptive to the needs of consumers across all regions. Through X-Urb's interactive map, consumers will be able to identify in real-time the location of all surrounding mobilized businesses that provide sustainable consumer goods. This increases consumer awareness and creates a flexible alternative to how consumer products are purchased outside of traditional grocery and supermarket outlets. Convenience and detailed information are two qualities that consumers respond to. X-Urb is the platform that allows mobilized businesses to immediately address consumer needs and provide them with the best goods at the most appropriate times and locations.

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business needs

X-Urb supports smallholder farmers, sustainably oriented businesses, food trucks that provide goods to niche consumers with religious or dietary restrictions, urban farming initiatives, farmers' markets, community festivals, urban garden cooperatives, and even providers of nourishing single-serve items that all provide their products to consumers through mobilized and decentralized approaches. Each business registered within the X-Urb community gains the ability to share the days and times they will be visiting neighborhoods or community markets to all app users in the X-Urb community. This information will be available through an interactive map that is populated with icons, allowing customers the ability to identify a mobilized business's location in real-time. Mobilized businesses can also build a profile that provides a background of their products and services along with other details they deem valuable to share with their targeted consumer, event, and region. When a customer clicks on your icon within the X-Urb interactive map, the business profile opens and can be built with additional features for users such as notification settings that alert committed customers when your mobilized business is heading to their community festival or farmers' market. Additionally, all mobilized businesses and consumers registered through X-Urb can choose to participate in various smartphone payment systems embedded into the X-Urb platform, creating even more convenience through faster and more secured transactions.


the x-urb advantage

X-Urb provides easy access to real-time information that strengthens interaction between customers and vendors. X-Urb also provides value and services to sustainably minded consumers, communities, and businesses within the green economy through its highly adaptive and customizable design.

So, Why X-Urb?

  • If you are a mobilized or decentralized vendor in a large city with a highly competitive food truck industry and you provide sustainably grown goods as healthy alternatives, you need new ways to promote your products, build a committed customer base, and attract new customers such as tourists or new residents.

  • If your business is tailored to specific audiences and provides distinct consumer items sensitive to religious, cultural, or dietary restrictions, you want your information available in real-time so your target audience can easily connect with you.

  • If you are a small business owner that drives hours away just to attend community events such as farmers' markets or seasonal festivals, you want consumers to be easily informed that your homegrown products such as wine, lavender, fruits, vegetables, honey, or baked goods are available to them right in their own communities.

  • If you are a sustainably-minded consumer that thrives on using new technology to gain transparency, convenience, simplicity, access to real-time information, advanced ordering & payment systems, and alternatives to current consumer markets and products, then X-Urb is the tool for you that creates healthier opportunities for a personalized customer experience.

interested in learning more about X-URB?


For further inquiry, please contact

team@x-urb.com (Valentin Fletes, Co-Founder and CEO)

team@x-urb.com (Robert Chislett, Co-Founder and President)