• X-Urb is a tech start-up being designed, licensed, and executed through a partnership that is 100% owned and operated by U.S. military veterans


  • X-Urb is currently in its initial phase of development and product refinement


  • Proof of Concept is underway to identify untapped market opportunities via competitor analyses, gap analyses, on-the-ground research, and surveys tailored to consumers and suppliers


  • X-Urb's Business Model is being diligently refined to ensure a value proposition that provides a triple-bottom line of profitability, sustainability, and social impact


  • X-Urb is currently processing for status as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) with preregistration for copyright, trademark, patent, and then advancing to become a certified Veteran-Owned Business and certified B Corporation

Stay tuned for partnership details & opportunities as the X-Urb community continues to expand