X-Urb is a service-oriented smartphone app with immense partnership potential and applicability. This is due to the extent of flexibility that X-Urb's technological application will have in its capacity to sync with other systems such as: GPS providers, vehicle navigation systems, social media platforms, smartphone service providers, mobile payment apps, and sales management software.

X-Urb aims to partner with:

  1. Tech developers for mobile app design

  2. Smallholder farmers in need of innovative marketing

  3. Urban agriculture & community farming cooperatives

  4. Vendors mobilized via community festivals and farmers' markets

  5. Providers of healthy products for consumers with religious, cultural, or dietary restrictions

  6. Mobile network providers & payment systems

  7. Fintech start-ups with innovative transaction and billing systems

  8. Sales management software systems

  9. Impact investment firms and foundations

  10. Municipalities interested in innovative tools for economic development

  11. Grocery & retail outlets interested in innovative connections with consumers & communities

Partnering with X-Urb is an opportunity to join the green economy alongside a start-up founded with distinction by seasoned combat veterans. X-Urb contributes an unmatched determination to disrupt consumer markets by applying continual innovation, resilience, and adaptability through all partnerships. This is X-Urb's competitive advantage within an evolving industry yet to be fully harnessed. X-Urb harnesses this value through a tech platform tailored to promoting sustainability while simultaneously increasing vendor interaction with consumers throughout all communities.

X-Urb is currently presenting its business model to investors and partners.

Please contact Val ( or Rob ( for further inquiry.