X-Urb's mission is to disrupt traditional consumer markets while stimulating local economies through more sustainable consumer ecosystems.

By applying innovative, adaptive, and customizable technology via the X-Urb smartphone app, transactions of healthy consumer products can be facilitated with ease between mobilized vendors & consumers.

X-Urb facilitates easy access to fresh produce and healthy alternatives to single-item consumer products through a smartphone app that serves as a one-stop shop by directly marketing the locations of all impact-focused mobilized vendors to nearby consumers. X-Urb applies a symbiotic geolocation framework that transmits real-time information on nearby vendors through customizable notifications, text alerts, an interactive mapping interface, and an advanced ordering & payment system via X-Urb's farm-to-fridge market concept tailored to meet the needs of both urban and rural communities. Sharing when and where the local farmer's produce truck is located in your community festival or farmers' market will allow you to purchase fresher products at lower costs with more convenience; no more grappling with your city's overcrowded grocery stores; no more long-distance drives to large-scale supermarkets outside of town.

X-Urb's alternatives to traditional markets challenge wasteful practices such as overstocked grocery shelves that lead to expired produce, households that over-purchase but under-consume due to infrequent market access, and an agriculture industry dominated by mass-production that prevents smallholder farming, community co-ops, and local food sovereignty practices from being sustainably scaled, marketed, and embedded into local and regional economies. Join the X-Urb community now and let our farm-to-fridge market provide the freshness, affordability, and convenience you deserve.



X-Urb aims to improve consumption habits and the overall health of America's local communities and economies by providing direct access to fresh goods.

While promoting sustainability through innovative technologies, partnerships, and distribution channels tailored to enhance affordability and profitability for consumers & providers, the X-Urb community will become a proven source of information for positive community engagement.

Our farm-to-fridge market concept is designed to allow local farmers, produce trucks, urban agriculture initiatives, community farming co-ops, and mobilized vendors of fresh & niche products an opportunity to compete with greater retail and grocery chains by revitalizing consumer markets customized to the needs of households and communities. Connecting providers directly to consumers through customizable technology systems can lower transaction costs by sustaining shorter distribution channels and creating economies of scale. In other words, it is more affordable for providers to sell directly to consumers in the long-run as their consumer base grows through mobilized vending reinforced through X-Urb. Consumers would also be gaining the opportunity to purchase fresh goods at more competitive prices as the X-Urb community grows to accommodate and connect local and regional markets.

While fees for packaging, shipping, shelving, and marketing through traditional consumer markets & conglomerates are costly, these storefronts are generally able to set competitive prices when compared to farmers' markets because they have a natural flow of consumers which allows them to set prices based on customer frequency. X-Urb challenges this by providing the platform for sustainably-based initiatives to break away from these traditional consumer markets and create competitive transaction opportunities designed to maximize utility and affordability.

X-Urb envisions itself as the main tech platform for long-term relationships between communities and providers by basing their interaction on transparent, accessible, and reliable transactions. Modern consumers are influenced less by brand and more by products that are convenient, values-based, and have a "why" behind their business. The X-Urb platform is structured to market this "why" through interactive vendor profiles co-designed by X-Urb that provide a history of the vendor, real-time information such as locations & routes, and details on their sustainability practices. This creates a personalized experience that can be custom-tailored to meet the needs and interests of consumers throughout all markets and regions.



X-Urb's value compass is aimed at increasing sustainability opportunities for markets, communities, and consumers, by providing a fun and informative networking platform.

Organic connections will strengthen locally sustainable economies by partnering with and building alongside other mediating structures within society.

X-Urb is guided by the principle that all of America's consumers, communities, and industries should be provided greater exposure to sustainable alternatives so they too can join in the benefits of this renewed approach for creating impact through a shared set of values. While products labeled as fair tradeorganic, or all natural are extremely valuable, they are rarely found in low-income communities because their production costs are too high for working-class households to afford. Distinctions & certifications of consumer products are vital tools for consumer markets but their health impacts are constrained as many communities throughout America resort to fast food, primarily due to affordability and accessibility. This dynamic fosters a consumer market where profitable returns on sustainable goods ultimately limit social impact for American households.

X-Urb intends to provide alternatives for communities to strategically break this cycle and tap into their own local markets for municipally-based development initiatives that promote sustainability, food sovereignty, and distribution channels that align the interests of providers and consumers.

X-Urb will confront these problems and achieve these goals through an inclusive technology platform designed for rich, poor, urban, and rural communities & businesses to join for access to healthier & more affordable goods. Ultimately, X-Urb is one piece of a greater paradigm shift geared towards securing a more sustainable environment so future generations of Americans can prosper.